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Transportation Accident Protection

Build a $200,000.00
"ON-THE-MOVE" Safety Net

A quick errand across town. A weekend getaway or family vacation.
A business trip in a distant city.

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Transportation Accident Protection

NRA Members are almost always "on-the-move."


NRA Endorsed Member Benefits "ON-THE-MOVE" Coverage Stands By You — Around the Corner OR Around the World

Here's a quick way to help make a big difference in your family's financial security:

Activate your NRA Endorsed Member Benefits "ON-THE-MOVE" coverage today. You'll lock in important benefits ($200,000.00 if you fall victim to a covered fatal accident PLUS $500.00 a day if a covered accident lands you in the hospital for up to 12 months) at the group rate premium of $9.26 a month.

Here's What You Get:

$200,000.00 in ON-THE-MOVE accidental death protection – covering you whenever you're traveling … anywhere in the world … on just about any kind of transportation. In fact, this NRA Endorsed Member Benefits safety net starts the moment you drive away from home.

In addition to your $200,000.00 coverage, you're also paid $500.00-a-day in cash benefits for every day you stay in the hospital up to 12 months, because of a covered travel accident.

Acceptance GUARANTEED* - You Cannot Be Turned Down

As an NRA Member under age 75, you're officially eligible to receive this $200,000.00 coverage. You cannot be turned down … regardless of your health, occupation, past driving records, or the number of miles you travel annually.

*This is a supplemental health insurance plan that requires you to have major medical coverage, Medicare, or other health coverage that meets “minimum essential coverage” as defined by the Affordable Care Act.


High-Dollar Benefits — Without High-Dollar Costs
ON-THE-MOVE Transportation Accident Protection provides $200,000.00 coverage at a competitive price. How is this possible?

Because NRA Endorsed Member Benefits avoided expensive "extras" that most people never need. The result is a streamlined program that stands by your family with benefits when they need them most:

$200,000.00 CASH BENEFITS PAID to your beneficiary if you fall victim to a fatal covered crash in a private passenger vehicle (either as the driver or a passenger).

$200,000.00 CASH BENEFITS PAID to your beneficiary if you die in a covered accident as a fare-paying passenger on an airplane, taxi, bus, cruise ship, train or other common carrier.

$500.00-A-DAY CASH BENEFITS PAID for every day you're treated as an inpatient in a hospital because of a covered travel accident. Benefits paid directly to you for up to 365 days.

Of course, your NRA Endorsed "ON-THE-MOVE" coverage is always paid REGARDLESS of any other insurance you may have. It's a valuable benefit to help pay for expenses your regular health insurance might not cover — like co-payments or deductibles … plane tickets for loved ones to fly home … even bills like the electricity and mortgage piling up at home.

Annual Rates

A $200,000.00 Safety Net — Yours at a competitive rate
Thanks to the group buying power of over 4.2 million NRA Members, you can rest assured under this $200,000.00 of "ON-THE-MOVE" protection. Take a look:

Monthly Rates for $200,000.00 "ON-THE-MOVE" Coverage:

Benefit Level  
Member Only $9.26
Member & Spouse $14.10

Rates do not include a $3.00 administrative fee per premium payment for direct bill payment, or a $2.00 administrative fee per premium payment for credit card payments, or a $.50 administrative fee per premium payment for automatic bank deduction.

Please Note: You may also have the option of paying your premiums once a year (annually), twice a year (semi-annually), or four times a year (quarterly). If you pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, the total amount you pay in a year may be higher than if you make one annual payment. If you are interested in learning more about these payment options, please refer to your fulfillment package for details.

Your NRA Endorsed Member Benefits "ON-THE-MOVE" coverage starts the first day of the month after your enrollment form and first premium payment are received. You cannot be singled out for cancellation or an increase in your premiums due to a change in your health, occupation, claim history or traffic accidents. Premium rates may be changed on any premium due date. We will provide written notice of at least 31 days before the date of change. Your benefits will continue in full force as long as you pay your premiums on time, remain an NRA Member in good standing, and the Master Policy remains in force. All benefit amounts reduce to 50% at age 75.


Why activate "ON-THE-MOVE" coverage?

Because NRA Members are "on-the-move" people. With our active outdoor lifestyles, we're often "out and about" in cars, planes, buses, taxis, trains, ships, ferries and more. So we set up the "ON-THE-MOVE" plan as an extra-mile safety net to help protect NRA families in exactly those situations.

Why does NRA Endorsed Member Benefits recommend the "both of us" coverage option?

Because your spouse is probably on the go about as much as you. Since no one can predict whom or when an accident will occur, NRA urges all Members to strongly consider full family protection by choosing the "both of us" option when you enroll in "ON-THE-MOVE."

I already have insurance. How does "ON-THE-MOVE" work with any other protection I've already set up?

NRA Endorsed Member Benefits set up "ON-THE-MOVE" to be paid regardless of any other coverage you may have. That means your family can collect the full "ON-THE-MOVE" cash benefits - REGARDLESS of any other insurance proceeds from a medical plan, life insurance, workers' compensation or any other program.

What if I decide "ON-THE-MOVE" isn't right for me?

There's no obligation with the program's 100% Money-Back Review Period. As soon as you sign up, we'll send you a Certificate of Insurance. Look it over for a full 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied, just let us know. We'll cancel your coverage and give you a complete 100% refund of any premium you've paid as long as you haven't made any claims during that time.


Terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in Group Policy Number MZ0927368H0000A-0001A issued to NRA Endorsed Member Benefits. The Covered Person may have only one accident insurance certificate or policy in force with us or any other AEGON, U.S.A., Inc. affiliate at one time. If we determine that any other such certificates or policies are in force while this one is in force, the Covered Person must choose which coverage he wants to remain active. The Covered Person may only have an aggregate of $1,000,000 of accidental death insurance in force with us or any other AEGON, U.S.A., Inc. affiliate at one time. If we determine that accidental death insurance is in force in excess of this amount, the Covered Person must choose which coverage he wants to remain active. All other insurance will be terminated. All premiums paid for canceled certificates or policies will be returned to you. Additional information is contained in the Certificate of Insurance which is issued to all persons who become insured under the plan. As determined by state insurance regulations, this plan may not be available in all states. This plan is currently excluded in AK, CO, GA, IN, KS, MN, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NY, TN, VT, WA, WV and for Under Age 65 in AL, AZ, DC, HI, IA, NJ, OH. Availability of this offer may change. All benefit amounts reduce to 50% at age 75.


This policy does not cover any loss which is caused by, results from, or is contributed to by: suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane (in MO and CO while sane); declared or undeclared war or any act of war; full-time military service; participating in a riot; committing an assault or felony; sickness or its medical or surgical treatment, including diagnosis; bacterial infection except through a wound accidentally sustained; operating or riding in any kind of aircraft, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial flight or as a passenger in a transport plane operated by the Air Mobility Command (AMC) of the United States of America; alcohol intoxication, as defined in the state where the accident causing the Injury occurred; taking of any drug, medication, narcotic or hallucinogen, unless as prescribed by a Physician; taking of alcohol in combination with any drug, medication or sedative; voluntary gas inhalation or poison voluntarily taken, administered or inhaled; riding or driving as a professional in any kind of race for prize money or profit. Exclusions may vary by state. See your Certificate for complete details.

"Private Passenger Vehicle" means: validly registered four-wheel private passenger cars, campers, motorized golf carts, motor homes, non-motorized bicycles, non-motorized adult tricycles, station wagons, jeeps, pickup trucks, and van-type cars that are not licensed commercially or being used for commercial purposes. "Common Carrier" means: a public mode of transportation (including aircraft) which is licensed for hire to carry fare-paying passengers.

Endorsed by:

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Offered by:
Association Group Insurance Administrators
Underwritten by:
Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA

Administered by:
A.G.I.A., Inc.
P.O. Box 9159, Phoenix, AZ. 85068
Questions? Call toll-free 1-877-672-3006



Some health care services paid for by Medicare may also trigger the payment of benefits from this policy. This insurance provides limited benefits, if you meet the policy conditions, for hospital or medical expenses that result from accidental injury. It does not pay your Medicare deductibles or coinsurance and is not a substitute for a Medicare Supplement insurance policy.

Medicare generally pays for most or all of these expenses.

Medicare pays extensive benefits for medically necessary services regardless of the reason you need them. These include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Physician services
  • Other approved items and services

Before You Buy This Insurance

  • Check the coverage in all health insurance policies you already have.
  • For more information about Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance, review the Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare, available from the insurance company.
  • For help in understanding your insurance, contact your state insurance department or state health insurance assistance program (SHIP).



Here's What You Get:

  • $200,000.00 in ON-THE-MOVE
    accidental death protection
  • $500.00-a-day cash benefits
  • Acceptance GUARANTEED
    You Cannot Be Turned Down