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Emergency Roadside Service

Turn "Uh-Oh" Into "Back On The Road"

A flat tire. A dead battery. Engine trouble. Keys locked in the car. An accident on the way to work. Let the NRA Endorsed Roadside Assistance Program help you get back on the go.Turn "Uh-Oh" Into "Back On The Road"

Emergency Roadside Service

Let us help get you back on the road again.


Now you can rest easy whenever you - or any of the drivers in your household - are on the road. That's because the NRA Endorsed Roadside Assistance Program** gives you a solid safety net for almost any vehicle emergency. You'll get:

  • Free Towing (50 FREE towing miles per emergency/100 FREE towing miles if you're at an NRA or hunting event)
  • Free Battery Jump Starts
  • Free Flat Tire Changing
  • Free Lock-Out Services
  • Free Fluids (if you run out of gas, oil, engine coolant or anti-freeze)
  • Free Collision Assistance
  • And much more!

One low rate of just $89 annually covers ALL the vehicles you lease or own. So you're protected in your family's cars, vans, pick-ups, SUVs, motorcycles, and recreational trailers.

Best of all - EVERY driver in your household is covered at NO EXTRA COST!

Consider the cost of calling a tow truck yourself if something goes wrong. You're easily looking at service calls ranging from $75 to $100 for just simple on-site problems like a dead battery or keys locked in your car. And if you're in an accident or your car needs to be towed? Get ready for a bill totaling hundreds of dollars… paid out of your own pocket.

But the NRA Endorsed Roadside Assistance Program can help you get back on the road - with no hassles and no headaches. Isn't that the kind of security you'd want for every driver in your family?

** 24-Hour roadside assistance services and benefits are provided by Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club Inc. d/b/a Road America Motor Club, administrative offices at 7300 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 601, Miami, Florida 33126. (For California members, services and benefits are provided by Road America Motor Club, Inc. d/b/a Road America Motor Club. For Mississippi and Wisconsin members, services and benefits are provided by Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club Inc.)

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24-Hour toll-free Emergency Roadside Assistance is available throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada, 24/7/365. Coverage is provided to the Member, their spouse and all members of the household in any vehicle they own or lease (leases of 12 months or longer), herein after referred to as "Covered Vehicle." The maximum benefit limit for service is as noted below. You will only be responsible for any non-covered expenses or covered service costs in excess of the benefit limit.

  • Towing:  When towing is necessary, the disabled Covered Vehicle will be towed to the nearest dealership or qualified service facility within 50 miles.
  • Collision Assistance:  If the Covered Vehicle is involved in an accident or collision, towing assistance will be provided when needed to direct the Covered Vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility within 50 miles.
  • DOUBLE TOWING MILES:  If you're traveling for an NRA sponsored activity or a hunting trip, your free towing miles are DOUBLED. That's 100 free towing miles available to you day and night.
  • Winching:  Provides up to one (1) hour of on-site assistance in extricating the Covered Vehicle when stuck in a ditch, or other inaccessible area, when such location is within 50 feet of a paved maintained road or highway.

The following services are provided with no additional cost, mileage or dollar limit for covered services:

  • Battery Service: If a battery failure occurs, a jump start will be applied to the Covered Vehicle.
  • Flat Tire Assistance: Service consists of removal of the Covered Vehicle's flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire located with the Covered Vehicle.
  • Lock-out Service: If your keys are locked inside the Covered Vehicle, assistance will be provided in gaining entry to the Covered Vehicle.
  • Fluid Replacement Assistance (fuel, oil, fluid & water delivery service): An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid and water will be delivered if the Covered Vehicle is in immediate need. The Member must pay for the fuel or other fluid when it is delivered.
  • Driver's Valet: In the event the Covered Vehicle is disabled and alternate transportation is needed, assistance in obtaining a rental vehicle from a premier national rental car company will be provided. You will take advantage of our preferred partner customer service and rental rate schedule from the rental company.

Additional benefits of the NRA Endorsed Emergency Roadside Assistance Program are:

  • $500 Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • $50 Ambulance Service Reimbursement
  • $1,000 Vehicle Theft Reward
  • $1,000 Hit & Run Reward
  • Custom Trip Routing
  • Emergency Message Relay Service

For any amount exceeding the Program's benefit limit, it is the Member's responsibility to pay the service provider directly for the additional charges.

See your Program Description for full details and exclusions.

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Guaranteed Acceptance

Services are provided to you and your family at a low members-only rate of $89 annually. It comes out to cents a day to cover you and your entire family!

At NO EXTRA COST, include your spouse and all drivers in your household, in any vehicle they own or lease (these include cars, vans, pick-ups, SUVs, motorcycles and even power sport trailers are covered too).

We have ensured that as a NRA member you are guaranteed acceptance! Also, your participation in this NRA Endorsed program contributes to the NRA's War Chest fund, working to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights! Join other patriotic owners and guard your freedoms… now is the time to act.

Have questions about the Program? Already have coverage? It's easy to switch. Just call toll-free 1-888-804-7514! (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST)

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This information is intended as a general summary of available benefits and is NOT your actual Terms & Conditions. See your actual membership Terms & Conditions that you'll receive in the mail after enrollment for full details regarding benefit coverage, limitations, exclusions and member responsibilities.

All 24-Hour roadside assistance services and membership benefits are provided by: Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club, Inc., d/b/a Road America Motor Club, Administrative Offices at 7300 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 601, Miami, Florida 33126. (For California members, services and benefits are provided by Road America Motor Club, Inc. d/b/a Road America Motor Club. For Mississippi and Wisconsin members, services are provided by Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club, Inc.)

NRA member dues or contributions are not used for this promotion, program or any other related expense.

Review the Program Description.

A.G.I.A. is the company contracted to manage the NRA Endorsed Benefits Program. A.G.I.A. partners with the insurance companies that underwrite each insurance plan. A.G.I.A.'s affiliated company, Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., is the registered agent for the licensed motor club providing the Emergency Roadside Service plan.

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The only Roadside Assistance Program Endorsed by the NRA

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